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What We Do

Why We Do?

To bring a change in the lives of investors

How We Do?

By working in a fiduciary capacity and challenging the status quo

What We Do?

Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Your Benefit?

Sustainable wealth creation in the long term and a peaceful sleep at night

Wealth Management and Financial Planning is a service mostly used by many to make optimum use of their financial resources to attain the objectives of creating sustainable wealth for the current as well as future generations. A need to increase financial literacy and provide services of Wealth Management and Financial Planning in Mumbai and in different parts of the nation exists. We cater to individuals, NRIs, non-residents as well as business families. Our services for NRIs includes considering different investment options, bank accounts, taxation etc. Apart from long term and short term goals, the needs like periodic travel or shifting abroad on a permanent basis also need to be evaluated for bringing about a change in the lives of NRIs. We evaluate the current financial situation and existing investments before engaging with our clients and implement financial solutions suitable to them. Asset Allocation forms an integral part to achieve superior risk adjusted returns. No two portfolios of two clients can be similar since their needs, expectations and risk appetite are always different. Diversification is an important way to manage the risk associated while spreading the money across different asset classes to provide overall consistency in returns. By investing in more than one asset class one can diversify investments and reduce risk. Falcoy Financial possesses professional competence, integrity and its own proprietary research methodology and processes. Since we do not work for brokerage, we focus on enhancing the returns of our client's portfolios in line with their risk appetite and asset allocation. Our Wealth Management and Financial Planning offering is customised for each individual and families.

Can you guys deliver Wealth Management and Financial Planning services out of Mumbai or out of India?

Yes. It is 100% possible to provide our services to Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Family Businesses, Indian Residents and NRIs seeking professional help. The reason being majority of our work happens online. We can communicate with our client via Phone or Skype. Face to face meetings may also be arranged as per the convenience. The work is more important than having an office in your city / residence / location. The change which we bring in to our client's lives is noteworthy and does not require any physical presence in your city / residence / location.

Edge Over Others

It has been seen that generally investors do not even realise the costly mistakes committed by them for decades. Investors have to bear a huge cost for the common mistakes caused due to faulty and inefficient practices which can be avoided and will help you save your precious hard earned money. Money saved is money earned. This is where Falcoy Financial comes into picture. By following the appropriate and sustainable management practices, Falcoy helps you in managing your personal finances efficiently.

Investors who are fed up of dealing with different relationship managers and private bankers who frequently change their jobs or insurance agents who stop working with a particular insurance company for which they have earlier sold a policy to you (many policyholders face an issue of receiving adequate service for the policy which was earlier bought from an agent who has now stopped working for that particular insurance company) can definitely expect a continuity and a one-stop contact for the management of their personal finances from Falcoy.

Just like any insurance agents, relationship managers of broking or banking companies and private bankers, we do not try to push or sell financial products. They provide free advice which proves to be costly in the long term. We have seen investments made from free advice incur a damage in the financial life of investors. All of the three generally have a revenue target to be achieved which is why they try to push financial products for earning their salary, commission, brokerage, incentives and bonuses. These are the prime reasons for mis-selling. Falcoy Financial does not have any revenue targets to be achieved and we do not work for any commission or brokerage from financial products. We charge a fee which is very negligible and always, very easily affordable to all our clients which helps us to work in favour of the client and also determine what will be beneficial for the client depending on their requirement, suitability, objectives and various other factors since we rigorously follow our 'Client First' and 'Unbiased Advice' approach specified on our home page under 'Core Values' section. This allows us to maintain transparency and work ethically by being on our client's side.

Thinking about Convenience? Think Falcoy.

Fiduciary Capacity

Falcoy Financial works in a fiduciary capacity. In simple terms, this means while providing our Wealth Management and Financial Planning service we manage investor's finances responsibly as a trustee. Fiduciary capacity binds our firm to treat the client's interests and benefit as the highest priority. These factors helps us to work honestly and avoid conflict of interest. Working in fiduciary capacity is the highest form of functioning which is rewarding to the investors. Falcoy Financial is a firm which focuses and strives to follow ethical, good practices along with a fiduciary standard.

Thinking about Honest Advice & Investing? Think Fiduciary. Think Falcoy.

Wealth Management Process

Our investment process includes adhering to various criteria based on our client's risk appetite, objectives, liquidity, taxation and other such criteria. Asset allocation, risk management, robust research which includes taking into consideration quantitative and qualitative factors and formulating investment strategies helps our clients to achieve their financial objectives. We create a blueprint and structure investments that satisfies our client's needs. Later, Portfolio Rebalancing being the next stage, the portfolio is rebalanced to bring it to the original asset allocation. Portfolio Rebalancing brings in discipline and helps the portfolioto be in line with the risk profile.

Important Questions - Ask Yourself

  • If something happens to you, have you earned enough for your family for them to lead their whole life comfortably?
  • Who will take care of your family's finances after you?
  • Do you know what is your net worth?
  • Do you have an emergency fund?
  • What is your current Asset Allocation?
  • What is your Retirement Planning?
  • What is your Investment Strategy?
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Adviser provides the right guidance, imparts coaching and helps focus in the
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Hire us to think differently and rationally.

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